Wednesday:) What? More Wonderful Vacation Pictures

25 May

“No man needs a vacation as much as the man who just had one.”

~Elbert Hubbard


I’m going to need a vacation after my vacation. Only half way through, and I have ten thousand pictures. Well, almost. Maybe just five hundred. 

Yesterday, a drive up to Chaco Canyon. 

The Center of Chacoan Culture

For all the wild beauty of Chaco Canyon’s high-desert landscape, its long winters, short growing seasons, and marginal rainfall create an unlikely place for a major center of ancestral Puebloan culture to take root and flourish. Yet this valley was the center of a thriving culture a thousand years ago. The monumental scale of its architecture, the complexity of its community life, the high level of its community social organization, and its far-reaching commerce created a cultural vision unlike any other seen before or since.

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