Theme Song Thursday:) Everything’s Coming Up Roses

9 Jun

When you give a homemade gift, you are giving a part of yourself to the recipient. You can’t do that with a mass-produced item. 

~Mark Frauenfelder


My dear Friend Karri got married last Saturday to a wonderful man named Nick. I wanted to make her something special for the special day, so I did. I painted a dozen champagne flutes for the occasion. Hopefully, Karri and Nick will have many, many happy years to celebrate and drink champagne together.

I enjoy the magical process of taking plain glass and transforming it into a special gift.

Here’s what I use: FolkArt Enamel paints made for glass. These roses only required 3 colors~ white, sage green and gold. I like the combination, it’s elegant. I use a One Stroke painting method where I double load my brush with white and another color. I paint them, let them dry overnight, then bake in a 350 oven for 30 minutes. Voila! 

Yes, I made a quick little video…

I also painted a matching card to add to the theme. A beautiful gift box to place the flutes in, a little bubble wrap and a bow, and the gift was complete.

Congratulations Karri and Nick!

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