Tuesday:) Tunes and a Terrific Sunset

14 Jun

“Each spectacular sunset renews my faith in miracles.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


After a busy weekend, it was nice to lollygaggle around the house with Mom most the day. Oh yes, the Comcast cable guy came around 11 to fix her tv. We were without TV for THREE WHOLE DAYS! It was torture. I’m not sure how we managed without our three or four hour “Murder She Wrote” marathons each evening from 10pm to midnight or 1am. We compensated by watching YouTube videos of how to paint roses or make flowers from coffee filters on my iPad. Not the same. No murder to solve.

So, Jeremy fixed the cable, changed out the old box, and showed us how to switch from tv to DVD. But, we failed to check and see if all the channels were there. My sister noticed tonight that the movie channels and HGTV and other stations we had before were missing. OH NO!!! More calls to Comcast.

This evening around 7, a very sweet and talented lady came to The Greens of Elgin to play piano for the residents. Oh my, she was very talented, playing classical songs, Schubert, Debussy, etc.   She ended with three songs that she composed herself for each one of her children. I only captured a few seconds because my iPhone ran out of room…AGAIN. I don’t understand why. I only have 4,054 pictures on there. Yikes!

Here is a few seconds of the talented Lanette Calhoun.

After the concert, I went for an evening walk, just in time to capture the sunset. Marvelous music and a spectacular sunset. This is my thinking time. This is my thankful time.

2 Responses to “Tuesday:) Tunes and a Terrific Sunset”

  1. Shirley Dragas June 14, 2017 at 3:26 am #

    Love it. When are you going home?

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