Wednesday Words:) Preachin’ Politics In The Parking Lot

29 Jun

We are apt to forget that children watch examples better than they listen to preaching.

~ Roy L. Smith


My excitement for today was a trip to Home Depot with Jim. I love hardware stores, and we walked up and down the aisles admiring toolbelts, screwdrivers, and various power tools. We were looking for some treated wooden fence posts for my back yard. My fence is falling apart. The last windy day, an entire section was almost horizontal, flapping in the wind. A couple of posts are rotten at the bottom. Jim offered to fix and repair the problem, but they didn’t have the posts we needed. As for now, I have bags of mulch holding up the fence.

But, I did buy a new ladder. Finally! My sister, Jo Ann, will be happy. She sent me a check a long time ago to get a new ladder to replace my old wooden rickety one. Then, we spent over an hour enjoying the tool aisles, 2 by 4s, solar lighting, and outdoor landscaping materials. Wow! Fun!

As we wheeled our shopping cart, complete with a new six foot ladder, we said hello to the lady getting into her car right next to us. She had some paving stones in her cart, and Jim offered to load them in the back of her Honda. The conversation started off with comments about her Honda and his Honda and what great cars they are. A few cordial words later, somehow unbeknownst to me, the subject slipped into politics, news reporting, taxes, and the great state of Texas. 

Uh oh!!! Jim, who has been a university history professor in Oklahoma for over thirty years, started rattling off dates, places, presidents, national policy, and more information about liberals and conservatives than I could keep,up,with. Fortunately, we were parked under a shady tree, and the conversation probably continued for over  twenty minutes or more. Since we had become so well acquainted in a short time, I finally introduced myself, and we shook hands.

As well you know, if you know me well, it was “SELFIE TIME.”

This is Jamie on the left, and Jim and me in the Home Depot parking lot. Jim apologized for preaching politics in the parking lot, but I always find it interesting because he is so well read and has such a wealth of knowledge about history, that he can share information and make you  really think about our society and government, past and present.

Before we parted, I gave my new parking lot friend my card with my name, phone, and email address, and told her to feel free to call me sometime, as she was new to McKinney. 

When we got into the car, I told Jim, “You could talk the fleece off a lamb.” I think he’s the smartest person I’ve ever known, and those are the kind of teachers and professors we need teaching our young people. He also practices what he preaches. It’s really nice to have friends who are very smart and  yet handy with a table saw and a hammer. Thanks, Jim.

One Response to “Wednesday Words:) Preachin’ Politics In The Parking Lot”

  1. Shirley Dragas June 29, 2017 at 4:18 am #

    Jim sounds like a really nice guy plus a very interesting one. I saw on the national news today where an 11 yr. old boy from McKinney invented a device that will sound an alarm when children are locked in a car when it is hot. What a neat kid. I just hope some big company doesn’t steal his idea. I couldn’t believe he is only 11.

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