Fourth of July Festivities and Friends

5 Jul

Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty. 

~Louis D. Brandeis


One of the special traditions in McKinney is the quaint downtown parade. Every year the crowds get bigger and bigger, and every year the format is the same small town wonderful hokey parade. It always begins with a single fire engine leading off with sirens announcing the start.

The spectators start lining the streets and sidewalks well before 8 a.m. for the 10 o’clock parade. Many walk with lawn chairs and strollers, walking from nearby homes in the historic district.  I arrived around 8:30 and was thrilled to find a spot to park right on the square in front of MPAC.

I had an hour and a half to wait, so I strolled over to Sweet Spot Bakery for an iced tea and a chat with my friends Kathy and Elizabeth.

Hi Miss Kathy.

Miss Elizabeth was in the back making cookies and “ooey goey butter bars.” That’s what I call them, not sure of their real name. The good news is, I got her secret recipe on how to make them. The bad news is, I got her secret recipe on how to make them…OH NO! I am so going to try making a batch. 

While I was waiting for the parade to start, a very charming lady popped into the bakery looking for her friend. She asked if I’d seen a lady looking for someone. I hadn’t, so she called her friend, who apparently was running late and couldn’t find a place to park. Overhearing the conversation, I asked if I could sit down and join her while she waited for her friend, Pat.

Well, you know me. We started talking, discovering that we had dozens of friends in common. Betsy lives in the historic district, as do many of my good friends. While we got acquainted, Pat arrived. The line for coffee and breakfast was out the door, so when Betsy offered to share her coffee and breakfast croissant with Pat when ever the order should arrive, I said, “Allow me.” So, I just went to the back room, got her sandwich right off the griddle from Elizabeth, went behind the counter and got an extra cup, and served my two new friends. I bypassed the crowded line by helping myself, which I tend to do all the time.

This is my new friend Betsy. Very sweet lady. We exchanged phone numbers and vowed to get together soon. When the parade started at 10, we heard the siren and went outside and found a spot to watch the parade, over in front of Snug On the Square.

Former Mayor, Brian Loughmiller, wife Donna and son. Such a nice family, I’m going to miss seeing them everywhere, here and there, all around town.

New Mayor, George Fuller and wife, MayLee Thomas. I look forward to seeing them here and there, and hoping the city will thrive and flourish. 

Art Club of McKinney float, Abe Lincoln, aka Brian Magnusson.

There were Boy Scout troops, car dealerships, realtors, the DAR, the VFW, a few other initials of groups, and local businesses marching down the street. (There are more pictures, just too little time and space.)

Saving the best for last, the magnificent mounted patrol. 

It was a fine day for a parade, fine day to make new friends, and just a plain ol’ fine day. 

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