Friday:) Friends, Feathers, and a Fiery Sunset

5 Aug

“Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul 
And sings the tune without the words 

And never stops at all.” 

― Emily Dickinson


The first Friday of each month is my volunteer day over at Towne Creek. My morning starts out gathering art supplies and preparing a project. Then, I go to the store to shop for feast supplies. I always provide a fun lunch with snacks and dessert. Today, the plan was hot dogs, chips, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream floats. While I was at the store, I texted Mr. Mike to see if he wanted any frozen pizzas on sale. He said sure. (He eats a lot of frozen pizza. I’m an enabler.)

I stopped by Papa Murphy’s Pizza next to Tom Thumb to say hi to Miss Karri, and then hugs and chats and laughing.

Walking through the parking lot, I found a lucky feather at my feet. A good sign. I like to think it’s someone up there saying, “Good job. Enjoy your day.”

I dropped off ten pizzas at Mr. Mike’s down the street. Hopefully that will last him a couple of weeks. When I got home, I was starving. I realized I hadn’t eaten a real meal since Wednesday, so I grabbed my left over burrito in the fridge and warmed it up in a pan. While it was heating, I finished gathering my art supplies. 

I do this all the time! I got so wrapped up with something else, and forgot the pan on the stove until my nose informed me something was burning.

Oh no! The good news is, I had more tortillas, so I scraped off the burnt part and warmed a new  tortilla, watching more carefully this time. I snarfed down my slightly singed lunch and scurried off to Towne Creek.

The ladies were happy to see me, and we worked on our project and I prepared our feast. Miss Eleanor played piano for a while, then we enjoyed ice cream floats and conversation. It was a good day.

I got home in time for my evening walk. My favorite part of the evening is capturing the fiery summer sunset.

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