Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni

25 Jan

“Art is food for the soul, and an artistic climate is a healthy climate because it breeds empathy.”

~ Amanda Palmer


Well, last week I showed you some vases that were cooking in the oven. I painted another ten vases and baked them, but I also bake some real food. I love baked vegetables. So, when I went to Sprouts, I picked up a bunch of fresh vegetables and cut and chopped and diced and got carried away, as I often do. I started with potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and green beans. After they were washed and chopped, I put them in a huge Tupperware bowl with some olive oil, garlic, salt and peppers and did the shake, shake, shake thing. I poured them into a huge baking pan.

I couldn’t fit more in this pan, so I got two more pans for a huge red cabbage, three eggplants, and two onions.

I baked all of the above, covered with foil at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes, not sure, I just peeked to see if they looked done. Then, I baked uncovered for another half hour or more. Oh my. When everything get toasty and yummy and sticks to the bottom, that’s the best part.

I kept nibbling on the crispy parts, then put three bags of veggies in containers for the freezer, and kept the rest out for several more meals.

Here’s what I’m having for dinner tonight.

I put a flour tortilla in a dry pan with cheese and veggies. Cooked on a low heat, covered.

Then, I added avocado and tomatoes. A veritable vegetarian delight. I’m not even a vegetarian, but I love this meal. I could eat this every day.

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