Friday:) Friends From the “YMCA”

27 Jan

“Friends who sing together, cling together.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


You all know that I’ve been blessed with the greatest friends in the world. I have my long-time friends from high school, college, and dear friends and neighbors from raising children stages, and my friends here in Texas. Every stage in life builds new friendships.

I belong to this fun group of, shall I say, older and wiser people, who meet every other week for dinner, occasional trips, and now karaoke at the McKinney VFW every Thursday night. They’re called “Single Mingle,” but a few of them are married. It’s a fun group.

Last night, I sang a few of my favorite songs. My newest favorite is “LaBamba.” I get to practice my Spanish, and my friends get to get up and dance. I got the group, some of who don’t ever go up to sing, to go up as a group to sing, “YMCA.” They had a blast.

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