Saturday:) Somethin’s Cookin’

27 Jan

“My idea of an all nighter is baking cupcakes and brownies till the wee hours of the morning.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


It’s officially Saturday morning. I just got done baking about ten dozen mini cupcakes and a couple dozen mini brownies. In just a few hours, three to be exact, my alarm will go off. It’s our CRHP retreat weekend. We spent all afternoon at church decorating, organizing and preparing for this amazing spiritual renewal.

Last year, I was a participant of CRHP 28. This weekend, our group will host the women of CRHP 29. We all volunteered to help,with different projects. My contribution was baking and painting the bases for he table decorations.

God gives us all gifts, but they don’t mean anything unless you share them.

We are not allowed to bring a cell phone, watch, or any form of communication. That’s why I’m writing now. It’s Saturday morning, and I won’t have my iPad back until Sunday. (I hope I don’t go through withdrawals.

So, here’s what I’ve been cookin’, or should we say bakin’. I didn’t take a photo of the brownies because I’m not going to cut them until 5am. We have to be at church by 6. Maybe I should just stay up. Hmmm?

Chocolate cupcakes with a cherry and lemon with a dab of lemon pudding.

Then, the vases for the centerpieces.

Well, I better get my show on the road. I guess three hours of sleep is better than none.

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