Wednesday:) What To Do On A Rainy Day?

28 Feb

“As a writer, artist, crafter, baker and avid cook, I find that my favorite past-time on a rainy day is cleaning and organizing my house… said NO writer, artist, crafter, baker or avid cook EVER!”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


What a yucky rainy day today! Last night, I chipped my front tooth, so first thing in the morning, I made an appointment to get that fixed. They were able to get me in at 9:30 am. Yay!

I quick got dressed, grabbed my umbrella, hopped in the car, and drove over the two blocks to walk my little doggie friend, Bella. Her daddy was working. She didn’t mind the drizzle.

I raced over to the dentist. They said my two top front teeth were jagged and worn away from bumping into my lower crooked teeth. Perhaps, I should consider Invisalign to straighten those out. (Hmmm, maybe another time…NOT!) One tooth had a tiny sliver of enamel come off the back, not noticeable from the front, but the other tooth was getting ready to do the same thing. I asked if it could be repaired. Of course, no problem.

A quick X-ray…always X-rays…I’m going to glow in the dark. Maybe I already do. The assistant asked if I wanted gas? For a filling? Seriously? My pain threshold is comparable to an entire Special Forces unit. Not, really, but it’s pretty good.

So, drill, drill, fill, fill, Polish, polish, and about ten minutes later, the two tiny fillings the size of an eyelash were done and polished. I probably could have used the gas or some Oxy when they told me how much it would be. $590!!! Yikes!

But, I was grateful to get it taken care of. By the time they fix all my teeth here and there, it will be time for dentures. Why would I get Invisalign to straighten out my already old terrible teeth. I just need a good pair of choppers?

After the dentist, I stopped on the square to visit with friends at Sweet Spot Bakery and the Visitor’s Bureau. I hadn’t been on the square in ages. Then, on the way home, I stopped at a couple of stores. (Rainy days call for shopping) I bought a few of those wire coated racks for organizing the kitchen cabinets. Rainy day project.

When I got home, I did not pass go or collect $200, I proceeded to organize just one kitchen cabinet with all the cups, saucers, plates, etc. I was very proud of myself.

Aren’t you proud of me too? Well, that’s the extent of my ambition on this rainy day. I think I need a nap. Rainy days require a nap.

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