Friday:) Friends, Firemen, and a Few of My Other Peeps

10 Mar

“Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.”

Roy T. Bennett


Friday’s are always fun. Today, I took the dog for a long walk, went to Zumba, and met some friends for an impromptu lunch. The neat part is, I thought I was meeting just one friend, but she texted a couple other girls, and they were free, so they surprised me. Fun!

I had stopped at Fire Station 5 on the way to lunch, but they were all out on a call. Fortunately, they were back after lunch. I was up to my usual crazy baking frenzy, so I thought I’d share my cupcakes and brownies with my local fire fighters. They always appreciate a visit from Miss Toni.

A few Peeps for my special peeps.

When I got home, another long walk with Bella. Then, I dropped her off back home, then walked a few blocks to Mr. Larry’s and Miss Sandy’s. Yep, they were sitting in the garage. Time for a Blue Moon beer and some neighborhood gossip.

It was starting to get dark, so I scurried home, with just enough time to visit a couple more neighbors with my famous Peep cupcakes.

Enough sharing for today. It’s Black Russian Friday.

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