Saturday:) Second Saturday on the Square

11 Mar

“We are philosophers of our time

Floating in the moon’s evening glow”

Richard L. Ratliff


It was an amazing Saturday here in North Texas, I think the temps actually got into 80’s. Holy global warming, Bat Man! I didn’t get much accomplished, but I took several walks, just to feel the warn sun on my skin, and to take Bella for a stroll. She actually got a little too warm and stopped and rolled in the grass to cool off several times.

I always enjoy the view from the pond down the street, with the setting sun peeking through the clouds,and the ducks waddling, making their happy ripples in the water.

I went over to the Square this evening for the Second Saturday festivities. I had several friends displaying artwork and having shows.

Kim Guthrie was outside of the LAST Art Gallery. She is such a talented and prolific artist. You can see some of her work at

I strolled around the square and stopped in at Eclair Bistro to see my sweet, young, newly married friend Rachel. She’s so cute. Also, a talented artist by day, but she is a hostess here in the evening.

After strolling the sidewalks on a beautiful,warm evening, I headed over to The Cove Art Gallery. Several friends had a collaborative art show there this weekend.

Lynne Hubner, Pernie Fallon, and KD Hafley. Great friends…great artists…great ladies.

Annie Royer is always coming up with some innovative artwork. It was a fun creative show. And, it’s always nice to plop down on the sofa and chat with old friends. Well, they’re not old, but I am. I should say, with good friends.

A lovely Saturday evening.

OK, here is my warped sense of humor… I thought, when I wrote Saturday evening, it made me think of the Saturday Evening Post, and this was my “Post” for Saturday evening, but I had a different image in my head…

I told you I have a weird sense of humor. This is my Saturday Evening Post above.

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