Friday:) From Here to There

31 Mar

“God never ends anything on a negative; God always ends on a positive. Because what is negative about going home?”

Shannon L. Alder


A long day, a travel day, back home after a long visit in Chicago. There’s no place like home.

My sister took me to the airport in record time with plenty of time to people watch and relax. Of course, security meticulously went through my bag because I had a huge ziplock bag of costume jewelry that I wanted to keep from Mom’s many treasures. A lot of metal.

When I got to my gate, I noticed a young girl, a college student, all decked out in her Norte Dame clothing and backpack. I had to say hello, and get a selfie. I was wearing my Norte Dame jacket, and told her my son went there, quite a while ago.This is Mariah.

My flight was not only on time, it left and arrived a few minutes early. My neighbor, Kathy picked me up at DFW, and we stopped for dinner. I was starving, as I only had pretzels to eat all day. Thanks Deb for the chocolate pretzels.

I am so lucky to have great friends. Kathy picked me up, and we went to Nom Nom for dinner.

My neighbor Diane brought in my mail and left it all on my kitchen counter, and she and Sue left me beautiful flowers, a sweet card, and a Godiva Chocolate bunny.

Yes, I have the best friends, the best family, and a beautiful life. I am blessed.

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