Tuesday:) A Tale of Two Toni’s:) Truth Be Told

4 Apr

• The Truth must dazzle gradually or every man be blind.
Emily Dickinson

Truth be told, I was very surprised that many of my very dear friends don’t actually read my daily blog from beginning to end, every single day. Hmmm! The nerve! Just because I’ve written every day for over 5 years, you’d think they’d want to read every amazing story and see what I made for dinner. But, I was surprised at the number of people who looked at the picture I posted of me in a really short haircut, with red hair, to boot. In the beginning of my Facebook post, I said, “I got my hair cut. What do you think?”

It was April Fool’s Day. I thought for sure I’d only fool a couple of people, but I received over 90 likes and 49 comments. Not one single person said they didn’t like the short red hair. I thought it was hilarious. Some said it made me look younger or it was so cute, one friend said I looked just like my mother. (That’s because it was one of her many red wigs from her closet.) I had explained that in my story. I even said, “Read my post.”

Well, to set the record straight, my hysterical Hispanic curly hair is still long and as unruly as ever. But now that nearly a hundred people like Toni in short red hair, I may have to reconsider….NOT!

Well, thanks for following my silly antics.

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