Friday:) Friends, Food, and Fun Art Projects

7 Apr

“Friends can create our most cherished memories.”

Fennel Hudson


The first Friday of the month, I go over to Towne Creek Senior Apartments for our art group. Today, I wanted to work on a fun repurposed craft project. But, first we had our feast. I brought a big pot of my homemade bean soup, I baked a pepperoni pizza and cheese poppers, and for dessert, I brought brownies and cookies, washing it down with lemon-lime soda. I call it our Friday feast. Before we eat, we hold hands and Miss Nelma leads us in a prayer of thanks. A very thankful group.

For our project, I brought one of Mom’s Magnificats from the box I shipped home to myself. We tore out some significant pages with nice Bible passages or psalms. Then we traced or drew a design with a fine marker, and colored them in with pastel chalk. We made hangers with ribbon or using a dried rose stem and twine.

It was a fun project. We did have a little excitement as we finished up. The skies grew dark, thunder shook the windows, hail pelted the sidewalks, and the tornado sirens went off. We just waited out the storm.

If you’re caught in a storm, you’re lucky if you can wait it out with friends.

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