Theme Song Thursday:) On the Street Where You Live

19 Apr

“Don’t forget to leave your handprints on the ones you love and your footprints around the neighborhood.”

Lisa C. Miller


I walk through my neighborhood pretty much every day, sometimes twice, maybe thrice. Every day is an adventure, every neighbor a friend, every sunset a spiritual blessing.

This morning, I noticed some sidewalk drawings done by a child, I assumed a little girl, as there was a name, Addie. I admire the freedom and expression children have when given some chalk and a blank sidewalk. Parents…always let your children draw on the sidewalk.

I took a couple of pictures, then noticing there was an extra piece of chalk lying there, I decided to leave Addie a message.

Hopefully, she was pleased to see someone appreciated her fine artistic skills.

This made me think of the song, ” On the street where you live.” It’s always a pleasure and adventure.

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