Thursday:) This Is My World

27 Apr

“Somedays you should just stay in your jammies under the covers, and not get out of bed. It’s safer there.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I’m sure you can all relate to information overload. Where did I leave my phone? I can’t find my phone! Oh, I’m talking on the phone. It’s against my ear. Duh!

The other day, I was taking the dog for a walk. I grabbed her leash, put my phone in my pocket and reached in the drawer for the house key. The phone rang, I answered, talked a couple of minutes, then out the door.

Oh, but wait! Where is my key? Back into the house. Retraced my steps. The dog is staring at me impatiently. I know it’s here somewhere. I keep the key on a rubber band and always put it on my right wrist. Nope! Not there. So, I did what all good Catholics do. Another urgent request to Saint Anthony.

I reached into the drawer again with both hands, rummaging through the rubble that I keep in there. Oops! It was on my left wrist all along. Thank you Saint Anthony. Glad you’re on speed dial.

This is my world. Too much information, too many distractions. Maybe just need to slow done a little. But… I love it.

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