Friday Friends:) Amazing Artists and the Magnificent Murphy’s

5 May

“The energy you give off is the energy you receive. I really think that, so I’m always myself – jumping, dancing, singing around, trying to cheer everybody up.”

~Cara Delevingne


My Friday was filled with friends all day long. Friends to cry with, friends to laugh and paint with, friends to drink and smile with. I have been blessed with the most amazing friends.

My senior artist friends at Towne Creek were delighted to see all my pictures from the Empty Bowls Charity event yesterday. We started out our session with ice cream bars, pictures and laughing, then down to our painting. Our project today was mixed media on canvas. We painted skies, then cut out photos from calendars to add to the fore ground. We taped some cardboard behind to add dimension.

They did a wonderful job.

Miss Bonnie’s had three layers. Hard to tell from this picture, but it was so cool.

Miss Nelma worked on a desert scene.

Miss Kathy loved her accidental moon in the sky with layers of mountains, water and flowers.

I just did a quick demo to show them how to paint a sky and use crinkled plastic and paper towels for texture.

While I was at Towne Creek, I received a text from my friend Sherri asking if today was Black Russian Friday. Well, of course. Is the Pope Catholic? What a lovely surprise after a long busy day.

Friends don’t let friends drink alone on Friday night. A busy fun day with great friends. I am truly blessed.

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