Tuesday:) Tooling and Creating Leather Cuffs with Wendolin

9 May

Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.

— Berthold Brecht


Zumba, exercise bike, the bank, long walk, and other busy stuff today. But, there’s always time for Facebook. I saw a post from a local artist and friend, Wendolin Mercado. She was offering a drop-in class on making adorable leather cuffs today at 6:30 at the Art House. I always like to click share when my friends have something interesting going on. A few minutes later, Sherri Murphy replied to the post, “Toni, let’s do this.” So we did. I’m always up,for,learning something new.

Wendolin creates beautiful leather accessories and teaches classes and workshops. (Wendolin and Sherri)

Sherri, hard at work tooling and tapping.

We practiced on some scraps first, then on to the real deal.

I decided to use my personal motto for inspiration. It was fun, hammering and tapping away. You get out some good aggression that way.

Then, we gel stained and polished our pieces. Pretty cool, right?

Look how cute Sherri’s turned out. She’s pretty amazing too, but I have the cuff that says so.

Thanks Wendolin for a fun evening.

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