Friday:) Friends Don’t Let Friends Paint Alone

12 May

“Friends can create our most cherished memories.”

― Fennel Hudson


The Texas heat and warm weather has finally arrived, so getting up early for a walk is a good idea. There was a nice breeze and a few morning clouds, so I got a good four miles in before it got too warm. I planned on getting to Market Street before 11 so I could get some bottles of wine engraved by Ken Brown. You just buy the wine at Market Street and Ken engraves them with a personal message and date for free. They make fabulous gifts.

May 10

11 am – 6 pm


Market Street – 700 N Denton Tap Rd.

May 11

11 am – 6 pm


Market Street – 6100 W Eldorado Pkwy.

May 12

11 am – 6 pm


Market Street – 11999 Dallas Pkwy.

May 26

11 am – 6 pm

Wichita Falls

Market Street – 4590 Kell Blvd.

I got home just in time to prepare a little lunch before the girls arrived. We had an impromptu painting gathering at my house. Lynne wondered if maybe we could get together to paint some wine glasses that she was wanting to try. I wanted to paint some vases, Sherry thought it would be fun to paint some rocks, and Karen, well, Karen wanted to sit and visit and chat.

It was a very creative fun afternoon, because friends don’t let friends paint alone.

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