Tuesday:) Talking Your Dreams Outloud

16 May

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”

~A lan D. Wolfelt


Yesterday was our monthly McKinney Creative Community potluck gathering. We had a great turnout, fabulous food, and a talented guest speaker, Brooke Carter.

Brooke discussed her passion for baking from the time she was a little girl. Being raised in a loving Italian family where cooking, baking, and sharing were an every day event, she took that childhood passion and decided to pursue her dream.

If Brooke looks pretty young for such a talented and experienced baker, it’s because she is only in her twenties. But, she’s probably been baking for more than twenty years. Brooke told us all about her culinary studies and apprenticing in France, honing the art of foraging for local herbs and spices, incorporating unusual flavors in her culinary creations. Her eyes sparkled when she described the process of kneading the dough, getting her hands gooey, and using her sense of touch for the perfect bread dough. Her dad was proud to extol the praises of the young lady who was now taking her dream and making it a reality.

Currently, Brooke sells her delicious breads and pasties at the McKinney Farmer’s Market, but also caters events in the metroplex. Her wonderful creations are made with love, and locally grown organic ingredients.

Brooke Carter is hoping to open up a storefront bakery sometime in the near future where the aroma of fresh crispy breads and savory concoctions will fill the air. But for now, visit The Rosemary Bakery on Facebook or the website.


We have a wonderful supportive community here in McKinney. All are welcome to join us the second Monday of the month at The Cove at 5:30 pm. I guess that’s why it’s called McKINNEY CREATIVE COMMUNITY. Come join us!

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