Fourth of July McKinney Style

4 Jul

“No other date on the calendar more potently symbolizes all that our nation stands for than the Fourth of July.”

~Mac Thornberry


Here’s a little bit about McKinney, the place I currently call home. It’s a fast paced, fast growing, big city with a small town square that invites all with its charm and friendliness.

In the 2010 census, the city’s population was 131,117, making it Texas’s 19th-most populous city. The most recent population estimate, produced by the city as of January 1, 2018, is 179,804. As of May 2017, McKinney City was the third-fastest-growing city in the United States.

I love going to the square for the 4th of July parade. The motorcycle police officers start us off, followed by the fire truck from Station 1. All the streets were lined with families, friends, neighbors and visitors.

I arrived early, so I could get a good parking spot. And I did. Cool! I stopped in Sweet Spot Bakery on the corner to visit with Kathy and Elizabeth. I sat down and had a nice conversation with a gentleman from Van Alstyne who was sitting alone. His name was Mack.

Mack had placed his folding chair over by the parade route earlier to save himself a spot in the shade. Smart move.

When the parade was starting, who did I run into but Sherri and Michael Murphy. (Actually, I texted her to tell her where I was standing.)

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story about the parade.

The Mounted Patrol always brings up the rear. Probably in case the horses have to make a “donation.”

After the parade, they were having Salsa Fest at Chestnut Square. So, we mozied over there. Our good friends, the Betnard’s have the most amazing salsa. I put all five of my votes in their container.

Of course, it’s always fun bumping into friends.

To end the afternoon, Michael and Sherri gave me a Jeep ride back to my car. Poor Sherri squeezed in the back. Fun day.


One Response to “Fourth of July McKinney Style”

  1. GP Cox July 5, 2018 at 11:16 am #

    Looks like all had fun!!

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