Tuesday:) Toni’s Ten Timely Tips

4 Jul

Memory embellishes Life. Forgetfulness makes it possible.

Romare Bearden


I had ten timely tips for you today…but unfortunately, I’m getting old, so I can only remember a few of them. That’s not bad. “Better like nothing.” I love that phrase. My sweet little mother-in-law had the most delightful expressions. She has been gone for many years, but her Lithuanian/English language expressions still make me smile.

Tip #1~ Visual reminders are a must. I am always baking brownies, cupcakes, cookies etc., so I go through a lot of eggs. I used the last of my eggs the other day, but when I went to the store Sunday, I forgot to buy eggs. I didn’t write it down, but I usually forget my list anyway. So, I put the empty container on the kitchen counter to visually remind me constantly until the next grocery store visit. Then, because I was really desperate, I put the container on the middle console of my car. This, made it impossible to forget. Try it…it works.

Tip #2~ Never, I repeat never give up your phone landline if you are always misplacing your cell phone. The Find my iPhone app works fine if you lose your phone somewhere else, (I’ve used that a few times) but when you misplace it at home, unfortunately, the app doesn’t say,”You left your phone in the closet next to your gym shoes, dummy.” It just shows that it’s somewhere in your location. So, this morning, when I couldn’t find my cell phone, I used my landline and called the cell. Then, I walked around listening from room to room. Oops! It was buried under the covers on my bed where I left it after hitting the snooze button for the third time.

Tip #3~ If you’re always forgetting to take out the garbage, place the container in front of the door, so you can’t leave without doing the job. When I played tennis, I’d put my tennis racket bag in front of the door so I wouldn’t forget my racket. Don’t want to forget something, put it in front of the door so you can’t leave without the reminder. (Note: It doesn’t work if you don’t want to forget one of the children. They don’t stand still that long.)

Tip #4~ If all else fails, use a Post It Note for reminders. These sticky notes are a great invention. But again, they only work if you remember to write it down and see the note. My best tip and last resort is to post it on my person. I’ve been known to do this. Remember when you were little and the kindergarten teacher would safety-pin the notes that needed to go home to parents? Well, that’s only if you’re as old as me. Now, everything is done via internet. Back in the 50’s, we didn’t have internet. We had safety-pins.


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