Friday Friends, Fun Art, and More Firemen

7 Jul

“If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that nobody is here forever. You have to live for the moment, each and every day . . . the here, the now.”

Simone Elkeles


My first Friday of the month is my Towne Creek senior artists day. I spent quite a while scouring through my art supplies trying to think of an art project for today. I gathered the art supplies, papers, pens, chalks, twine, dried rose stems, (you’ll see later) punches, etc. Then, gather all the food for the feast, snacks and drinks ready. It’s a lengthy process, but well worth while. Gosh, I still can’t believe that I used to do this every Friday for so many years.

I had everything ready when I decided to call Miss Nelma to see if she’d be there. Oh my. Poor thing has had some serious health issues and we almost lost her. No one called me! A couple of other regular residents have had surgery and illnesses. Miss Nelma said someone was supposed to call me and maybe cancel my art class today. I called Miss Bonnie next. She said she’d be there and was looking forward to my visit. I decided that even if one lady was looking forward to my visit, I’d show up and we’d have fun.

When I arrived, it was just me and Miss Bonnie for a while. Then, Miss Augustina came, and Miss Fin stopped in and out, just to visit. Miss Bonnie and I started with root beer floats while the pizza was in the oven.

We drank our floats, had pizza, Fritos, cookies, brownies, and popcorn a little later. Well fed and rested, we worked on our art project. We made some small wall hangings with Bible verses and prayers. Augustina used the butterfly punch and supplied us with dozens of pretty butterflies. We attached the decorated pages to colorful paper, added a dimensional butterfly, taped to a dried rose stem and added twine to make a hanger.

Miss Fin was in the kitchen making homemade egg drop soup for Miss Kathy who just came home from the hospital.

We made a craft project for each of the other ladies that couldn’t make it. I dropped them by their apartment before I left.

Now, for my Fireman photo for the day. I made a double batch of brownies on the 4th of July, one to take to the pool party and one to take to my friends at Fire Station 9. It was so weird. When I pulled into the driveway, the fire truck pulled out. I panicked. I thought I was in the way, and they had a call. The truck stopped and a fireman jumped out. Oh no! Was I blocking the driveway? He just asked if I needed anything, to which I replied, “Just bringing you guys some brownies. Are you on a call?” He assured me that everything was Ok. They were just test driving.

I had to smile when he thanked me and said,”You’ve been here before,right?” I told him that I stop by quite a bit, and if I’m baking, I just make a double batch. Then he asked, “Did you ever get your Tupperware container from a few weeks ago?” He had saved my container, and yes, one of the guys found it saved up above one of the refrigerators. It’s nice to be part of the fire fighter family.

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