Saturday:) Some Rockin’ Sounds at the Guitar Sanctuary

15 Jul

“Rock and Roll has no beginning and no end for it is the very pulse of life itself.”

~Larry Williams


Yesterday, my friends Linda and Loretta joined me at the Guitar Sanctuary for an awesome concert. The opening group was, none other than, the Maylee Thomas Band with George Fuller at lead guitar. Seeing as they own the establishment, I guess they can open for whoever they want. They both have a huge following. Maylee for being an amazing singer and philanthropist, and George being an amazing guitarist, developer and just so happens to be mayor of McKinney. Who would ever think we’d have a rock and roll mayor? Pretty cool!

Maylee, George, and the band performed for over an hour, and as usual, rocked the house.

The featured band was the South Austin Moonlighters.

The Band consist of Lonnie Trevino Jr – Bass & Vocals, Phil Hurley – Guitar & Vocals, Phil Bass – Drums & Vocals, and Chris Beall – Guitar & Vocals.

The Band mainly does Originals songs in their set and for the love of music, they throw in choice Covers that fans and newbie fans absolutely love.

The Bands origin manifested when Lonnie Trevino Jr had the idea of putting together a side group (where they could all “moonlight” on their steady gigs-thus the band’s name), just for the pure joy of playing music. Since then SAM have self-released three CD’s that have garnered “Highest Recommendations” from venue owners and national publications alike for SAM’s “Live At The Saxon Pub” released Nov. 2012, studio album debut “ Burn & Shine” released Feb. 2014, and the newest release, July 2016’s Ghost Of A Small Town.


A fun evening with good friends and fine rock and roll.

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