Sunday Sermon and Some Other Stuff

30 Jul

“Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible. No one can take them. You, and you alone, can give them. You will receive abundance for your giving.”

~W. Clement Stone


It’s still pretty darn hot here in McKinney, but it was only in the 80’s early this morning when I walked the dog. It was still a little overcast, so I was a happy camper. I love Sundays. I look forward to greeting at church before 9 o’clock Mass, hugging friends and strangers. Well, they’re not really strangers. We just don’t know each other yet.

I enjoy the big smile I get from little Avery when I hand her a little gift. I always have a Matchbox car for Liam, but he’s so fast, he gives me a hug and runs in the door before I can take a picture.

It was great to get a hug and chat with Gil before Mass. We haven’t seen him at our St. Helen’s Church group for several weeks.

Mr. Jerry is always kind and saves my seat while I’m outside greeting. Then, we usually stop for coffee after Mass.

Today’s Gospel was very appropriate. It was the story of Jesus performing a miracle by feeding the multitude with only five barley loaves and two fishes. Then, after all had eaten their fill, there were twelve baskets of fragments left…

Then Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks,

and distributed them to those who were reclining,

and also as much of the fish as they wanted.

When they had had their fill, he said to his disciples,

“Gather the fragments left over,

so that nothing will be wasted.”

So they collected them,

and filled twelve wicker baskets with fragments

from the five barley loaves

that had been more than they could eat.


Father Arthur, a visiting priest, had an interesting homily. He works with college students at SMU, and asked us all, “How many of you are familiar with the term FOMO? Well, I was clueless. He explained that it stood for… Fear Of Missing Out. He went on to describe how so many people are obsessed with what they are missing or what they don’t have or how much more other people have instead of appreciating their blessings and the abundance they already have been given.

My take on it….

If we put our trust in God, have faith, and appreciate what we have been blessed with, He will always take care of us. Our blessings will multiply like the loaves and fishes, and there will be more than enough. If you think about it, the people who always want more and more, and they are jealous of everyone, those people are never satisfied, and they will never be happy. I count my blessings every day. They are endless. I can’t even count that high.

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