Thursday:) This is the Best Anniversary Celebration Ever

24 Aug

” Friends may come and go, but I’ve been blessed with the kind that keep coming.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Today, August 23rd is the second of my miracle celebration days. I had three, and only three days on the calendar that were painful memories from the past. I wrote about the first, 7/11 in July. August 23rd was the day that I moved into my brand new house and started my brand new life after a very devastating and painful divorce. What are the chances of this happening on this particular day? I got married on August 23, 1975. It seems like a lifetime ago, probably because it was.

I moved into my new house August 23rd, 2014, just three days after the final divorce decree. Now, I celebrate the anniversary of my new house and brand new start with so many of my special and wonderful friends. My sister was also here to celebrate with me. As the years fly by, I’ve made even more great friends. This year, several of my new sweet CRHP sister from church visited. It’s God’s way of turning lemons into lemonade, and I will celebrate every year and thank Him for His blessings.

The best way to describe this wonderful evening is to just show you the pictures of the best friends a person could ask for.

It was an Open House from 5-10 pm, so people came and went. This is the first round.

More great friends.

More friends. All of these people stopped by to celebrate my journey and blessings, but most of all, just to say, “I love you.”

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