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Monday:) A.O.D. Anniversary Of Divorce

21 Aug

“Maturity is recalling the outrageous things your former spouse did to upset you, then turning over and going to sleep.”

– Eileen Dight


When I looked at my cell phone to see what time it was this morning, I realized it was Aug,20, the 4th anniversary of my divorce, and the 5th anniversary of his moving out. Now, I pretty much did what the quote above said. I remembered how he handed me the final signed divorce documents in my driveway, got back into his car, then drove away without a word. Anyone that cold and cruel just isn’t human or worth any more tears. I remembered that vivid scene this morning, then I turned over and went back to sleep.

I’m looking forward to Thursday, Aug. 23rd, when I celebrate the anniversary of my new home and my new life with a whole bunch of my very dear friends. That will be a fun celebration and post to share. PARTY!!!!! I’ll keep you posted.

So, when I was trying to think of what to write about my divorce date today, I looked up acronyms. I didn’t see one for A.O.D, anniversary of divorce. I guess, now there is one.

But, I did find a lot of funny quotes and memes and cartoons. I’m glad I can smile and laugh about it now.

I guess a lot of people have gone through the same thing or there wouldn’t be so many poignant and funny things to share. Here ya go…

Sunday Sermon and Some Other Stuff

20 Aug

“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.”

Mother Teresa


As I drove to church this morning, I literally had to pull over, jump out of my car and take a picture of the sun trying to burst through the scattered speckled clouds. The photo couldn’t do justice to the actual glow and radiant beams of light that pierced the sky.

Today’s Gospel was the story of Jesus telling the crowds that He was the living bread. The Jews were confused wondering how Jesus expected them to eat his flesh.

Yes, this is a confusing concept, and my take on it as a Catholic is… during the sacred sacrament of the Eucharist, the bread and wine are blessed and commemorated, symbolizing the sacrifice of flesh and blood when Jesus died on the cross. Bread and wine sustains our body, following Jesus sustains our souls. We consume the bread, profess our faith, and follow His teachings and examples. “Whoever eats this bread lives forever.”


JN 6:51-58

Jesus said to the crowds:

“I am the living bread that came down from heaven;

whoever eats this bread will live forever;

and the bread that I will give

is my flesh for the life of the world.”


After Mass, I came came home and went for a long steamy walk. A good time for thinking and contemplating life.

One of the highlights, if not the the best part of my Sunday is, a FaceTime visit with my adorable 1 1/2 year old grand-daughter.

She is going to be a good little mother’s helper. She was changing her baby’s diaper.

Then, she burped the baby after hugging and rocking her.

Baby was tired, so she put her in the stroller for a walk. I got dizzy just watching her scurry around the house. Mom and Dad have their hands full, for sure. Love you all and thanks for the call.

Sunday is my favorite day. When I count my blessings, Sunday keeps me very, very, very busy counting my many blessings.

Saturday:) Sittin’ Around, Smoothies and Stormy Weather

19 Aug

“I sometimes find myself sitting here not watching an uninteresting movie and contemplating the future. I don’t always know what to do, but I have faith that I’ll figure it out somehow.”

D.S. Mixell


“It was a dark and stormy night..l” Ay, a writer’s joke. Never use that as an opening line. Actually, it can apply here. It is dark and stormy, but a welcome relief from the oppressive heat of the day. I didn’t realize it was even going to rain until the sky got dark and rumbling clamored in the sky.

My sister is here visiting, and we were just sittin’ around watching the Jesse Stone marathon on the Hallmark channel when the sky let loose. We had our popcorn and the smoothies waiting in the fridge for dessert. As luck would have it, Direct TV went out, right when Jesse was about to capture the bad guy. (For the tenth time.) Who doesn’t love Tom Selleck? Well, at least any female over 30 and under the age of 200.

We are lucky, the electricity hasn’t gone out…yet, so we are just watching the storm and I’m writing my blog and just sittin’ around, savage and sound. Blessed!

Friday and Fractions:) Thank a Teacher

17 Aug

“I always used to think that fractions, algebra, and geometry would never come in handy in my old age. Today, I needed to add 2/3 and 1/4, and find the LCD to make my brownies. Thank you to all my math teachers.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.”

-Tom Brokaw


I was looking through my Facebook posts today and stumbled across a TED Talk that my friend Vivian shared about teachers. Rita Pierson describes the importance of teaching. Now that it’s back to school time, and all the parents are happy that school is back in session and out of their hair, I’m sure all the teachers are sad that summer vacation is over, but are ready and willing to meet the challenge of a new year.

Being a former teacher in a previous life in a galaxy far far away, known as the 70’s/80’s, I appreciated Ms. Pierson’s narrative. Teachers do make a difference in everyone’s life, whether you are willing to admit it or not. I was blessed with many wonderful teachers, and I may not remember each name, but I remember all that they taught me. I still keep in touch with my old art teacher, Mr. Deeks Carroll. Now, retired, I still think about how he showed us his passion for art. He treated us like equals, because in his eyes, we were all learning, including himself. “Love ya, Mr. C.”

This afternoon, I was making a batch of brownies. I don’t follow recipients carefully, I always approximate. But, this box called for 2/3 cup oil and 1/4 water. All the other boxes only used 1/2 oil, so I wanted to see what ratio that was and only use 1/2 Cup oil.

I strained my brain and said, I need to find the LCD least common denominator. Aren’t you impressed that I still know that? 12 is the LCD so 2/3 is 8/12 and 1/4 is 3/12. That’s a total of 11/12. Aha! I still could guesstimate, almost 1/2 and 1/2, just a little less of something. So, I added 1/2 oil and just a smidgeon (technical baking term) less than 1/2 cup water. Voila! Math making brownies!!!

I’d like to thank all the teachers who make the world a better place. The brownies are perfect.

Thursday:) This Is My Cross To Carry

16 Aug

“While the world changes, the cross stands firm.”

Saint Bruno


My walking time is my thinking time. Many a revelation or ingenious concept has been conceived on a brisk pace of the feet and heart. I was out around 9am this morning, trying to avoid the forthcoming Texas heat. I know what you’re thinking. Why don’t you get up earlier? Well, I rarely go to bed before 2 or 3 in the morning, and often set my alarm for 7 for church or zumba, so on days I don’t have an agenda, I wake without the alarm, and not very early.

I was only a couple of blocks from my house, on my regular route, when I crossed the road. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, off behind me, a piece of white paper or something in the shape of a cross. It wasn’t on my way, and it was in the middle of the road, so I continued on. Rounding the corner and on the next street, I started to feel guilty. I usually pick up paper, tossed cans, empty bottles, etc. on my walks, and put them in the next trash can, or toss it when I get home. In my guilty state, I decided to walk back that way again and pick up the discarded paper. Maybe it was a sign.

When I approached the intersection, I didn’t see the white cross right away, so I looked around. Ah, there it was, blown across the street. Why did the Toni “cross” the road? To find the discarded cross. A sign perhaps?

It looked like a Sunday School project or something. The juvenile printing looked like a youngster wrote it. Who would toss such a treasure? When I flipped it over, I smiled. Maybe it was a sign. A special cross and symbol left there for me to find. I picked it up and said out loud, “YES, HE DOES!”

I had just started my walk a few minutes earlier, but I “CARRIED MY CROSS” for about another long sweaty hour, and I smiled.

That was my sign and my story for today. JESUS LOVES ME. If I had been lazy or inconsiderate of litter in the street or oblivious to the signs that we are given, I wouldn’t have found this lovely gift. Nor, a meaningful story to share. I will treasure this cross.

Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom~ The Library

15 Aug


A refuge for the weary heart

Where words whisk you away

To castles in Medieval times

Where boys and dragons play.

In books we can escape the world

Make all our dreams come true

No matter what you’re searching for

There is a book for you.

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Monday, after a busy day of running around, baking brownies, stopping at the fire station, going to the Senior Center dance and lunch, getting my vehicle inspection at the Honda dealer, stopping at Towne Creek with more donations from Miss Pat for their auction, I actually had about an hour free before the McKinney Creative Community Potluck at The Cove. Wow! I sure can squeeze in a lot in one day.

The Cove just so happens to be across the street from the McKinney Library. I haven’t been to the library in months, so I decided that this gloomy rainy evening called for the wonderful magic of words and pictures on the page. I’m an artist and a writer, so I have the need to touch the glossy paper pages, and admire each illustration and photo. A feast for the eye and soul. I love the library!

Of course, being a goof, I needed to take a selfie in the stacks of shelves. I sat in a comfy chair with a huge pile of art books, and skimmed and peruse and admired and got a few ideas for projects that I’ll never get to. Thus, the dreams.

I love the sculpture they have outside on the bench. If it wasn’t raining, I would have joined the old man and the young boy, entranced in the wonder of words.

Tuesday:) Talking Community

15 Aug

“It’s never too late to learn something new, live life to the fullest, or love with all your heart.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“If you believe you can make a difference, then you will make a difference. Believe in yourself, your family and your community and you will win.”

~Lindsay Fox


My little town is a big city with a small town atmosphere. McKinney Texas has grown exponentially in the fourteen years that I’ve lived here, but the people and the spirit of my friends and neighbors is still as charming as ever.

We have a bustling little artist community, too. Pretty much everyone knows everyone. I’m not just talking artists who paint on a canvas, but musicians, dancers, writers, entertainers, and all around free spirits.

The second Monday of every month, a fun and friendly group of above mentioned characters meet over at The Cove just north of the square for a potluck gathering. We share food and fellowship, laughter and ideas, but most of all, we share a special kind of community love. We love our town, and we support each other.

Yesterday, instead of a guest speaker, we had a basic “show and tell.” Just time to tell everyone what is going on in our lives, show recent projects, or talk about upcoming shows or classes. The best part is, everyone is so willing to help and promote the other. It’s like a family, without the sibling rivalry and drama.

Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to have a specific art or talent. Maybe you just want to learn something new or meet some really awesome people.

Montage Monday:) A Week in a Peek

14 Aug

“Writers are nosy people; we are endlessly curious: we ask questions when we shouldn’t – we peek around corners when we are least expected.”

~Ann Turner


Another wild and whacky week with friends, food, and really cute firemen, of course. Then, lots of baking, walking in the rain, lunches, karaoke, writing, art, and “Murder She Wrote Marathons.” Life is good. Goofy, but good.

A week in a peek…

Sunday Sermon and Some Other Stuff

12 Aug

“Man does not live by bread alone. There must be brownies, cupcakes, cookies, candy, pizza, ice cream and Black Russians on Friday.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


A beautiful cloudy and cooler Sunday morning, in comparison to the steamy Sunday’s the past few weeks. I actually had a light sweater on while greeting at the door with Mary and Jerry. It was in the 70’s. Wow!

Today’s Gospel was the story of Jesus telling the Jews that He was the bread of life that came down from heaven. They were mumbling that He was just a man, son of Joseph. Jesus explained that He was the living bread.

My take on it… Earthly food is just temporary nourishment. Faith and trust in God, even though we haven’t seen Him, is the key to everlasting life. But, to take things a little further, food for the body is important, but what about food for the soul? You can give a poor man a crust of bread, but why don’t you invite him to your table, sit and talk with him, and share your time and blessings? That is nourishment for the soul. That’s how you follow the Lord’s teachings. Jesus shared ALL that He had with us, right down to giving his life by dying on the cross as a symbol of complete love.

Amen, amen, I say to you,

whoever believes has eternal life.

I am the bread of life.

Your ancestors ate the manna in the desert, but they died;

this is the bread that comes down from heaven

so that one may eat it and not die.

I am the living bread that came down from heaven;

whoever eats this bread will live forever;

and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.”

That was a good lesson.

Man does not live by bread alone…

Saturday:) Singing in the Rain and My Super Sweet CRHP Sisters

12 Aug

“Look at the rain long enough, with no thoughts in your head, and you gradually feel your body falling loose, shaking free of the world of reality. Rain has the power to hypnotize.”

Haruki Murakami


Another cloudy drizzly gloomy day. How wonderful!!!! After blistering heat, a sizzling summer and shriveled up gray grass and shrubs, the rain was a welcome relief. Instead of moping around, I grabbed my umbrella and went walking and singing in the rain. Yep, I was singing and dancing in the rain. Gene Kelly ain’t got nothin’ on me. A wonderful rainy day.

Oh, and the best part of my walk, my best friend, Lin, from back home called while I strolled with my umbrella in one hand and phone in the other. We hadn’t talked in weeks. So good to catch up.

This evening, my CRHP sisters, (St. Gabriel’s Women’s retreat Christ Renews His Parish 28 sisters) got together for a fun evening of Pokeno and dinner at Amber’s new house. I never played Pokeno before. It was a lot of fun. It’s like bingo with playing card faces. I was glad it wasn’t a game of strategy or memory. Just put the chip on the card. Huh! I could do that. We all brought a wrapped or bagged gift for prizes. Fun, fun, fun.

A perfect Saturday..rain, friends, walking, singing, dancing, and hanging out with my sisters.