Thursday:) THIS IS THE DAY!!!! North Texas Giving Day

20 Sep

“To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.”

― Abraham Lincoln



I wrote a blog the other day asking friends and family if they had just $10 or $20 to spare or to share, would they consider donating it to a very worthy cause? Today is North Texas Giving Day, and there are hundreds of charities that are hoping for donations. But, I have become very involved in the Bella House organization here in North Texas. There are many charities helping homeless animals, or maintaining historic buildings, or preserving wildlife, BUT, Bella House lovingly reaches out to young homeless expectant women who have no place to live and no one to turn to. They are scared and alone. I can’t even imagine that feeling. Can you?

I know you have charities near and dear to your heart, but if I asked you, “Hey, do you have $10 to spare?” You most likely would reach into your pocket and hand it to me, no questions asked. So, that’s what I’m doing today.

You may have already donated today, but “Hey, do you have $10 to spare for ME?”

My sister, Jo Ann, has already made a very generous donation directly to the address below. You don’t have to use the NTX Giving Day site. You may feel more comfortable sending a check. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Love you! ❤️

The Bella House

P.O. Box 940802

Plano TX 75094

10 Reasons why donors should give to the Bella House via

1. It’s a Community-wide Celebration! North Texas Giving Day is an event that lifts up giving by engaging the entire community to support The BELLA HOUSE; celebrating the important part it plays in strengthening the region.

2. Your Gift Matters – Everyone can be a philanthropist on North Texas Giving Day! Every gift, no matter what size, truly makes a difference!

3. Fundraising Efficiency – North Texas Giving Day is an efficient way to raise funding for providing a safe haven for pregnant homeless mothers in the Dallas area.

4. Powerful One-Stop Shop –   provides an easy way for everyone to give while providing a one-stop shop website featuring more than 2,700 nonprofits. Support all your causes in one place.

5. To Make Tomorrow Better – North Texas Giving Day creates a sense of urgency and excitement to support the needs in our own backyard.

6. Be a Part of Something Bigger! When we all give together on one day, it shows how much we believe that our nonprofit sector makes North Texas a great place to live.

7. Prizes! By giving through North Texas Giving Day, you’re helping the Bella House qualify for one or more of approximately 100 prizes.

8. “We” is Greater Than “Me.” Giving together is more powerful (and fun) than giving alone.

9. Pride Point – Our Big-as-Texas giving spirit also becomes a great pride point to share with prospective new

families and businesses who may relocate here. A community that gives together, grows together!

10. Set a National Record! We’re Texan – we do things bigger and better. What’s more fun than setting a world record in giving!?

The Bella House

P.O. Box 940802

Plano TX 75094

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