Tuesday:) Toni’s Tasty Tip For Today:) Pasta Salad

2 Oct

“If you want to feed a lot of people, make pasta. If you want to cook a lot at a low cost, make pasta. If you want to eat delightful delicious food, make pasta OR go out to a fancy Italian restaurant and waste $50 or more per person. Better yet, come on over.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Yesterday was the Monday Country Dance at the Senior Center, and yes, I’m old and go to the senior center. At 2 o’clock, they take a break and there’s a potluck. I’ve been bringing brownies or chocolate covered strawberries or some dessert. Usually, there are tons of cakes and cookies and pies, and when someone brings actual food-food, it goes really quickly. We usually have between 50-75 people on any given Monday.

I thought, hmm, what could I bring that would feed a lot of people and not be too expensive? Remember, we do this every Monday. Aha! Pasta salad! Now here’s the thing. I have little to no room in my fridge, so I needed to prepare this right before leaving. How in the world will the pasta get cold so I can take it? Where there’s a will, there’s a way, because…. I AM AMAZING!

I got two big pots of water boiling, then used three boxes of pasta. I only had 2 bow ties, so I also used 1 mini penne. Heck, it all gets mixed up anyway.

While it was boiling, I washed and cut up broccoli, cherry tomatoes, tossed in a bag of frozen peas, added some shredded cheese, (I just use what I have handy), then added some canola oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. (I don’t measure) In order to cool off the pasta, I rinsed it in cold water, drained, then added lots of ice cubes. It makes the pasta cold and sets it from getting mushy. Drained again and poured it into the bowls. For dressing, I had half a jar of Miracle Whip, poured some apple cider vinegar into the jar, a little lemon, a little more oil and shake, shake, shake. Added to pasta and stir. It was already cold, ready to garnish with a little spinach and cheese for decoration, then… out the door.

It was a big hit, and I actually had some left over. It wasn’t easy finding room in the fridge, but I manage, after I gave some to Kathy across the street. It’s always good to share. I told you it makes a lot!

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