Soggy Saturday:) SEW WHAT!

13 Oct

“When I couldn’t draw, I took a drawing class. When I couldn’t cook, I learned from my mother. When I couldn’t sew on a button or hand stitch a hem, I just asked my mom or my sister or a friend for help. I’m SEW BAD!

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


On this dreary soggy Saturday, I was thinking about what I was going to write about today. So, I did what I always do when I need to think. I went for a walk. It was only drizzling a little bit, so I put up the hood on my raincoat, grabbed my umbrella and went for a walk. I stopped by Mr. Larry’s and Ms. Sandy’s house a few blocks away, and I knew they wouldn’t be sitting in the garage, so I called on the phone. They didn’t answer, but the garage door opened up a few seconds later. They saw me. It was only about 10 am, so it was too early for a beer…darn. We sat and chatted a while about neighbors and news and old age health issues, etc. Suddenly, the rain came pelting down like crazy.

We sat there a long while, and it never did clear up. About an hour passed, with no end in sight, I pulled up my hood and opened my umbrella and said “adieu.” Actually, I don’t speak French, I just said that I needed to go. I was offered a ride home, but my sneakers were already soaked and I was pretty damp. By the time I got home, I was drenched.

The good news was, just as I approached my front door, my phone rang. My friend Sherri Murphy asked if I’d like to go with her to the Flower and Bulb Sale at Myers Park. I said sure, and when she asked how soon I could be ready, I said that I just had to peel off my sopping wet clothes, put on dry clothes and find a pair of shoes in the driest condition. Did I mention it’s been rainy a lot? All my shoes are wet.

We had fun looking at all the different flowers, shrubs, plants and bulbs. I didn’t buy anything, because if you know me…I kill everything green. I have a black thumb. I can paint a flower, I just can’t grow a flower. After the sale, we had a yummy lunch at Taqueria Hernandez on Tennessee. It’s Mexican food, but I laugh and just call it “FOOD.” I’m Mexican…little joke, there.

Now for the SEWING part of the story. I never did learn to sew when I was growing up. Both my sisters could sew up a storm and could create any beautiful outfit without blinking. Mom didn’t even use a pattern. She would just look at something, cut out some fabric, and a few minutes later, it was done. When my kids were small, Mom would come to visit for a few days, and in the closet of the guest room would be all my mending needs, hemming, buttons, tears, etc. I kept her pretty busy.

This is how I mend today…

My black slacks that I wear to church. The hem came undone, and I was running late for church. That was a year ago.

This blouse needed a couple of stitches. Well, I don’t own turquoise thread. Who has turquoise thread?

SEW WHAT!!!! That’s what God made safety pins for. I would have used glue, but it might have come out in the wash. I’m not lazy, I’m just creatively resilient and clever.

One Response to “Soggy Saturday:) SEW WHAT!”

  1. ccbarr October 14, 2018 at 12:25 am #

    Tbhere is some kind of seam tape you can iron on or tacky glue-its in a gold squeeze bottle for cloth/crafts. Or go to a dry cleaner to fix the minor repairs

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