Tuesday:) Toni’s Tasty Tip of the Day

16 Oct

“If your food is colorful and beautiful, it’s going to taste wonderful, too.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I’m not a super big bagel fan, but I saw these yummy looking asiago cheese bagels with jalepeños the other day at Tom Thumb, and they were…yes, you guessed it…on sale.

I’m not a vegetarian, but I probably wouldn’t have a problem with it because I’m not a huge meat eater. But, I could never be a vegan. Me NEED cheese and ice cream! So, most of my meals are meatless, but there’s always cheese around somewhere.

For three days in a row, I’ve had a toasted bagel with a little melted cheese, avocado, tomato and spinach. Today, I ran out of tomato, so I put some thinly sliced cucumber. YUM!

Remember last week when I bought all those avocados on sale? I’ve been eating one every day, either on my bagel or in a salad. And spinach… I could eat baby spinach every day too. Hmm…I think I do.

Then, when I prepare my delicious, nutritious and yummy bagel sandwich, I always make sure it looks pretty too. Isn’t that pretty?

I drizzle a little ranch dressing that I dilute with apple cider vinegar for a little tang. Voila! A colorful, beautiful, tasty quick, easy, nutritious and inexpensive meal.

So, that’s my tip. Enjoy preparing your food, enjoy eating your food. And enjoy your life.

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