Friday:) Fun Friends, Fancy Footwork, and More Firemen

3 Nov

“If I could just squeeze in a few more hours in the day, I’d have a lot more fun. Where does the time go?”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Its almost 11 pm, and my boots have been hittin’ the ground running all day. Well, I take that back. I don’t wear boots, I can’t run with my bad knee, but I’ve been scootin’ around town all day.

I started off getting up early to pick up Bella, my doggie friend, and taking her for a walk. Then, take a batch of brownies to Miss Kathy across the street, make another two batches of brownies for the bake sale at St. Gabe’s, and my fire station friends. While the brownies baked, I mixed up some chocolate frosting.

We had a birthday lunch for Miss Sherry at 12:30, so I packed up my presents, grabbed my container of brownies for Fire Station 9, and was out the door just a little past noon.

I took a batch to the guys on Tuesday before Halloween, and asked them to save my container. Captain Floyd was kind enough to return the container to me this morning, so I took an another batch over at noon, right out of the oven. I put a sticky note on it that said, “If you save this container, I’ll keep refilling it.”

Off to lunch with the TOTS, the Table Of Talent Sisters. These girls have been with me through thick and thin, literally. It was Sherry’s birthday. I just noticed, I’m the only one without glasses. I should have put on my glasses. Love these girls.

After lunch, I stopped at Walmart on my way home to get a new battery for my car key fob. The light on my dashboard kept flashing “CHANGE BATTERY ON KEY FOB!” Ok, already.

I got home a little after 4, and still had to frost a few more brownies and pack them up and get them over to church before 5. Yikes! I got there at 4:58. I took six containers of brownies.

Back in the car and hurry home, walk the dog quick, change, curl my hair, and get over to pick up Miss Pat for dinner at Braum’s by 6, and meet Doug for dinner, then go to the Friday night dance at the senior center. Yikes! Made it.

The dance was fun. The first Friday of the month, they have a live band, City Lights. It’s a country band with a Little Rock and Roll thrown in every now and then. I’m starting to learn a few more line dancing steps. Slowly but surely. Lots of cowboy hats. You’d think we were in Texas, or somethin’.

I finally got home around 10pm. I called my sister, after missing her calls earlier. I was all discumbobbled and running on adrenaline. After a couple minutes talking, I stood up while I was talking to her and was looking all over for my cell phone. Did I leave it in the car? I thought, “Darn, I just cancelled my home land-line phone, so how am I going to call my cell to find out where it is?” Then, I realized, “What are you talking on SILLY?”

Yep! A little too much crazy busy. But I love it. Now, to fix my Friday night Black Russian. Cheers!

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