Sunday:) Second Birthday With Baby Belle

3 Dec

“Perfect love sometimes does not come till the first grandchild.”

~Welsh Proverb


Today, we celebrated baby Belle’s second birthday. She’s not a baby anymore. She’s getting to be such a big girl, and soon she’ll be a big sister. And the best part is, she giggles and says, “Hi Gamma.” I haven’t seen her in months, but we FaceTime every Sunday, so she knows my face and my voice.

The Welsh proverb is absolutely correct. You love your children unconditionally, but when you have grandchildren, that love is multiplied tenfold.

Belle loves pizza, just like Gamma. (Oh, I missed Chicago pizza) She shared her pizza with her Gamma.

After the party at Barnaby’s Pizza, we decorated the Christmas tree and opened birthday presents. She put on the first ornament.

Yep, this Gamma is very blessed.

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