Wednesday:) What Ya Been Up To, Miss Toni

10 Jan

“The secret of salvation is this: keep sweet, be useful, and keep busy.”

Elbert Hubbard


I’ve been back a week from my almost five weeks in Chicago. I’m getting back into my routine and back to my busy life. I do like to keep busy.

Monday morning, a long walk was followed by the country dance at the senior center at 1. We take a break around 2 and have a potluck lunch, then dance until 3:30. I’m still trying to learn some of those line dances.

I stopped at the Dollar Tree afterwards and picked up some ceramic bowls for me and my seniors to paint for Empty Bowls. I killed enough time to get over to Delaney’s for the Single Mingle dinner at 5. We had a nice big group.

Tuesday, I was up by 7am, went to the YMCA for Zumba class at 8:15, my first time back since before Thanksgiving. I forgot half the routines and missed learning the other half. I decided to get the old bones and old knees moving and ride the bike a few miles. I managed to average a 5 minute mile.

Later, lunch with my neighbor Diane, followed by a long walk, then dinner with Kathy across the street. Now, that’s a busy day.

This morning, I took a brisk walk and 70 minutes flew by. It was garbage day, so I also picked up scattered trash that I encountered along the way. Walking is good for my well-being, but also a good time to tidy up the neighborhood. A win-win.

I probably would have walked longer, but I was meeting some girlfriends at 11:30 for lunch to celebrate my birthday. I scurried to Olive Garden and had a wonderful lunch and catch up visit with some wonderful friends.

This evening was our support group at church 7-9pm. I was excited to share some pictures and tell them all about my great visit with family and new grand-baby.

With all this activity, I kinda got the feeling that I may have over done it a little. When I got home this evening, I realized that my feet are killing me, my knees are sore, my shoulders ache, and I have a sore throats and runny nose.

I do like to keep busy, but maybe I should have eased back into it a little bit. Another busy day tomorrow … oops… never mind.

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