One Word Wednesday:) MISTY

16 Jan

“Mist in the morning is Earth’s morning breath…”

― Nanette L. Avery


This morning the sky layered a misty film. The fine mist splattered at my face as I walked nearly an hour around my neighborhood. I didn’t see a single soul out walking this morning. Hmm? Can’t imagine why?

I was bundled and covered up, and even wore sun glasses. Not because it was sunny, but because it prevented the mist from fogging up my old eyes.

Gray skies don’t bother me. My walks are my thinking time, and sometimes gloomy days reach into your soul. As I walked, I thought about what to write today. It was so misty that I thought I should write about something MISTY. Not only is it a form of precipitation, but it’s an old song that had a very significant meaning to me back in ’75. It was the song we danced to at our wedding. It always had a beautiful memory for me, but now…not so much. I still love the song, but now the memories and the man are gone and sometimes …I get a little “MISTY.”

But you know what? I wouldn’t trade my beautiful life for anything.

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