Friday:) Friends and the First Day of Frenzy at the New Kroger

26 Jan

“That first day still came about as close to undoing me completely, both physically and mentally, as any day had in almost a week.”

― Ken Kesey, Sometimes a Great Notion


Last night was another fun evening with friends, dinner, drinks and krazy karaoke. We’ve been meeting at Delaney’s instead of the VFW, where they started doing trivia/karaoke on Thursday nights and it just wasn’t working for our group. So, some of the group goes early, has dinner and drinks, and then karaoke at 7:30. We had a great turn out.

The young couple singing were hilarious. They were with a group of friends. The girl said that they were recently divorced, and they were going to sing this song. Apparently they had a few drinks, but they seemed to be getting along ok, laughing, teasing, and singing the song “Picture.” She kept pointing to him saying, “Yah” during parts of the song.

Sounds like an amicable divorce to me. They were having fun.


Today was a busy day. I fed and walked the dog, went over to the YMCA for Zumba class, and rode the bike for 20 minutes to loosen up the old knees.

On the way home, I wanted to stop by at the new huge Kroger Marketplace Grand Opening on 380. It was packed. You would think they were giving stuff away. Oh… wait…. they were. There were all kinds of food samples, a little bag from the pharmacy with little goodies and coupons, raffles, etc.

I went in with the intentions of just getting biscuits and milk that I forgot to pick up yesterday. Oops! $68 later, I had a pair of slippers, 3dozen roses, 8 mini pizzas, 7 bags of misc. chips and pretzels, a case of Corona beer, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Never go to a grand opening on an empty stomach.

Even though it sounds like I had a momentary lapse of will power, I did restrain myself in the most exciting aisles in the store.

I didn’t buy any wine, but I did pick up a 12 pack of Corona beer that went directly to Mr. Larry and Ms. Sandy’s garage on the way home. I drank my last Blue Moon when I visited last Friday. (I bring some beer over to keep in their garage fridge for when I sit and visit.) Sandy asked, “No Blue Moon this time?” I told her it wasn’t on sale. I don’t know one beer from the next. $9.99 seems to be a good beer to me.

So, that’s my Friday so far. I have a lot of food prep, baking, and cooking to do tonight for our CRHP Women’s retreat at St. Gabriel starting in the morning. Our group 28 is hosting the breakfast. I’ll let you know how that turns out tomorrow. I better get busy. Lots to do. Happy Friday Y’all!!!!

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