Saturday Sisters and Brothers:) CRHP Sisters, YAH YAH Sisters, and Brothers In Blue

27 Jan

“Treat your family like friends and your friends like family.”



Wow! A busy day. I was up very late preparing food for the CRHP 31 Retreat weekend at St. Gabriel’s. Our group, CRHP 28 Sisters, were providing breakfast for today. I got carried away, as I generally do, but my momma always used to say, “It’s better to have too much than not enough.”

I got up at 6 am so I could walk the dog, pack up all my goodies, and stop and pick up two big trays of breakfast skillet biscuits in Mr. Mike’s fridge. I had no more room in my already packed to the brim fridge. I was out the door before 7 and off to church.

I have the greatest bunch of CRHP sisters. We had enough food to feed a small country. Not a big one, maybe like Yugoslavia. (There were two more tables on the right filled with more food.)

I just couldn’t resist a picture of this littlest CRHP 30 participant. Mamma’s little helper.

We set up and served about 50 people, and then we all went back into the kitchen to enjoy the leftover fruits of our labor. And there were a LOT of leftovers. When our CRHP28 sisters finished eating and cleaning up, everyone was invited to take anything they wanted home to their families. There were so many muffins, breads, quiches, etc. leftover that Miss Irma said I should take some to my firemen. I told her that I’d prefer to take food over to my senior ladies over at Towne Creek where I volunteer. Perfect!

The YAH YAH Sisters of Towne Creek. Young At Heart…Young At Heart sisters…so nice we say it twice.

Miss Dorothy offered to host us in her apartment, as the community room was already reserved for the afternoon. She made coffee and provided a cozy place for all of us to sit. (Thank you Miss Dorothy.) We had a delightful impromptu brunch and everyone was able to have a little leftovers to take home for later. AND… there was enough left to take a box of muffins and banana bread to my firemen at Station 9. Our Brothers in Blue.

OK, this reminds me of the Bible story of the loaves and fishes that fed the multitudes. We fed a lot of people today.

A wonderful Saturday with my SISTERS and BROTHERS.

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