Theme Song Thursday:) Angel On My Shoulder, Penny In My Pocket

31 Jan

“It’s amazing what miracles and little angels and pure love around you can bring out.”

~Tionne Watkins


Sunday morning, I woke up with the 7am alarm. It’s always a tough wake up when you don’t go to bed till 1 or 2, and you don’t always fall asleep right away. But, I bounced up, looking forward to my Sunday morning greeting before Mass, and it was cold, so I was going to wear my silly sock monkey hat.

I wasn’t even a bit groggy when I grabbed my tooth brush and looked down in the doorway of the bathroom. There was a shiny penny right there on the tile floor. I know for a fact that it wasn’t there when I went to bed, and it wasn’t there the two times I got up during the night to go to the bathroom. I know it wasn’t! I’m very observant. But there it was at 7 am. Where did it come from?

I did that “Twilight Zone” theme Song in my head, and picked it up. I looked at the penny and noticed the back was different. It was Abe Lincoln sitting there reading a book. I’d never seen one of those pennies before. It felt a little spooky at first, then I smiled and said, “Just another penny from heaven. Thanks Mom.” It was shiny and new and different. I took that as a sign from my angel that a bright shiny new future was ahead. Yep, that’s what angels do. They’re heavenly forecasters.

Since then, I have found two more pennies on my walks and a dime just a little while ago.

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