Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni?

31 Jan

” If you don’t like to follow recipes or directions in life, make up your own recipes and go your own direction.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Remember Saturday morning, when my CRHP sister ps and I made breakfast for 70 ladies? I wanted to share my non-recipe-recipe for Breakfast Biscuits.

I started out with 5 tubes of flaky biscuits, like the Pillsbury Grand, but they weren’t on sale, so I got the store brand for 1/2 the price. Then, I greased the muffin pans with butter, split each biscuit in 1/2 and smooshed each 1/2 into the pan. So, 8 biscuits will make 16 liners. I preheated the oven to 325 only, (dark pan) and then baked the pans for just a few minutes, like 5, because they rise up. I take them out and smoosh the now puffy biscuit with (I had to look around the house for the right too.) a glass bud vase to tamp down the biscuit so there is room to fill. Then, bake a few more minutes, maybe 5. They should still be 1/2 done because you’re going to bake with filling.

See, when you smoosh, they flatten out and make a better crust.

Next, I sautéed onion, red and green pepper and 2 tubes of Italian sausage. When browned, I added a 4 lb. bag of hash browns, cooked that some and cool, then beat up 10 eggs and mixed that in,

I put a heaping tablespoon or more of the mixture in each shell, sprinkled with cheese, refrigerated then baked them at 325 the next day at church. You could freeze them at this stage or bake them 90% and freeze. Your choice. They were yummy.

That’s my no-recipe-recipe. Any questions? Give me a holler.

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