Thursday:) Thrift Store This to Treasured That

8 Feb

“Take something old and discarded, give it love and attentions, and create a beautiful work of art. The same goes for people, places, and things.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I like to scour through thrift stores searching for special glassware to paint. I’m always on the look out for large bowls to paint for the Empty Bowls charity event in the spring. Sometimes the cost at the thrift store is a bit pricey for a used discarded item, and often times marked even more than it would cost new. But, I like to hunt for an old discarded item and transform it into a beautiful new treasure.

I’m not sure what this large glass bowl was in it’s previous life. Maybe a chip and dip bowl, who knows. This was my challenge. Did it want to have bluebonnets or roses painted on it? The flowing low horizontal shape of the glass asked for bluebonnets. (My projects talk to me, but only if I ask a question.)

This is what the wanted to look like…

A little paint, a little love, and now someone’s discarded bowl will be someone’s treasure. Not to mention, it will raise a little money for Empty Bowls on May 16.

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