Saturday:) Strange Cold Weather, Warm Veggies, and More Empty Bowls

31 Mar

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.”

~Bill Bowerman


Yesterday was warm t-shirt weather. Today, I bundled up for my walk. What a difference a day makes.

When I got home, I finally got around to cutting up and roasting a huge pan of veggies. They were yummy. Yesterday brownies, today veggies. I’m just all over the map weather-wise and baking-wise.

After walking the dog, a late lunch, and packing up more paint and bowls, I headed off to another evening at The Cove. My friend Helene joined me. I sat and painted five more bowls. Yesterday was bluebonnets, today was red roses. I forgot to take pictures, but Helene took a video, but it didn’t transfer to my phone that clearly.

The two day meet the artists event for Empty Bowls was very successful. Now, we just wait for May16th and the big event. It will be amazing. We have some of the most amazing artists and potters here in McKinney.

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