Theme Song Thursday:) “Superstar”

5 Apr

“Even the superstars need to be coached once in awhile.”

~Adam Oates


Another fun night at Delaney’s Irish Pub. Sherri Murphy texted me during the day asking if I was going tonight. Duh? Is the Pope Catholic? She’s such a fun friend. We do impromptu very well. I dropped a batch of brownies at Fire Station 9.

I picked up Helene, and Sherri met us over there later. Sherri loves to sing too. We had a blast.

I never sang “Superstar” before, but it’s such a lovely Carpenter’s song. I need to work on it some more.

Later, Sherri and I sang “My Guy.” One of my all time favorites.

We are NO superstars, but we have SO much fun.

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