Thursday:) The Land of the Free…

26 Apr

“In order to continue being the land of the free, we all need to do our part, and not take our freedom for granted.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Today, I decided to take advantage of early voting for Municipal elections in Collin County. I get the feeling that there will be a small turnout for this local election that is filling positions for local city government, and also voting on bond proposals. Local elections usually have low voter turnout. We are so lucky to have the privilege of voting, so it is our responsibility to go out and vote.

Besides having the privilege of voting, we also have the freedom of religion. After voting, I drove over to St. Gabriel the Archangel to drop off a donation for the upcoming annual bingo night auction. The ladies club had requested donations of wine or wine related items. I thought that a couple of hand-painted wine glasses and a bottle of wine would make a nice donation. It’s also important to support your church.

After dropping of the donation at the parish office, I walked across the way to the new sanctuary. As I knelt all alone before the altar, admiring the gorgeous lilies and in awe of the beautiful artwork, statues and colorful stained glass, again, I thought how lucky we are to live in this country. Not all are afforded these freedoms.

Now, right here on this blog, I’m able to write about anything thing I want, which demonstrates my freedom of speech. Yes, this is a great country and I’m pleased and blessed to be living in the United States of America.

My personal advice, don’t take these freedoms for granted.

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