Friday Friends Forever.. and a Few Firemen

4 May

“The only bad thing about Friday is that it only comes once a week.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Wow! A crazy busy day. I got up at 7 to start baking massive quantities of mini cupcakes and brownies for three different places. I bought some more Peeps because they were on sale after Easter, and I hadn’t made any for my senior artist friends over at Towne Creek. So I made a bunch more. Another BUNNY BATTALION,

It was a nice day, so after the cupcakes and brownies were baked and cooling before frosting, I went for a long power walk, and did a few sit ups while I watched Jeopardy reruns. . I new it would be late before I got home tonight, so I put in a few extra steps. Between my walk, all the running around, and the dance, I was amazed to see how many miles I put in today.

Wow! I think that’s a record for me. No wonder my feet hurt. After my walk, a quick shower and change, I frosted and decorated the cupcakes with the Peeps. Then, pack up all the different containers, food, and art supplies for art class.

My first stop was around 12:30 at Fire Station 9. They were all out on a call, so I just left a dozen cupcakes and a dozen little brownies in the unlocked conference room by the entrance. I wrote a note and left it on the glass window. But, here’s a photo from last night when I dropped off a couple dozen of Miss Pat’s cookies after karaoke.

Next stop, pick up Helene at 12:45 and go to the picnic hosted Miss Pat, Doug, and the other ladies over at the Hudson Crossing Apartments. That was a lot of fun. Lots of food, drinks and friends. We had to leave early to get over to Towne Creek for art class at 2:30.

We left the picnic a little after 2:20 and stopped to pick up ice cream at Braum’s for our feast. Helene and I arrived at Towne Creek and made a zillion trips bringing in art supplies, cupcakes and all kinds of food and snacks, oh yes, and ice cream.

I just brought a variety of art projects to work on today. We had wooden and paper mache boxes to paint and decorate, crosses, and note cards.

Everyone had a great time. Poor Miss Nelma was sick and couldn’t come down, but we brought her up plenty of food for later. Around 5:30, we stopped for our feast.

The projects turned out so cute, and will make beautiful gifts for their friends and families.

We cleaned up our big mess, washed up all the dishes and packed up by 7. Well, you would think we were done and exhausted. The exhausted part was right, but Helene and I went over to the Friday Night Country Dance at the Senior Center. The Danny Romo Band was playing and they’re pretty darn good. We got a lot of dancing in. Did I mention my feet are killing me? Worth every ache.

Now, it’s almost 11 pm and it’s been a really long and really busy and really good day. Time for my traditional BLACK RUSSIAN FRIDAY.

Happy Friday, my friends!

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