Friday:) Friends, Firemen and a Frosty Black Russian

11 May

“If I had a dollar for each wonderful friend I’ve made in my life, I’d be the richest person in the world. Wait! I am the richest person without the money.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Friday evening is always a good day to reflect on the events of the week. I keep pretty busy, and I’ve been blessed with so many friends to share that time with.

After our Art Club Luncheon yesterday, Helene and I walked around the square a little while. We stopped at the Visitors Center to say hi to Sue and Beth, the coolest ambassadors of what’s going on in Mckinney.

We passed by Snug on the Square, and low and behold, Sandra was inside making arrangements for the re-opening of Snug on the Go. I haven’t seen her in ages and a good squeezey hug was in order.

Then yesterday, my dear friend Lynne was moving, so I needed to stop by for a quick visit and a tour of her new beautiful house. She rolled out the red carpet for me… literally.

Another stop at Fire Station 9 with cookies and a pecan pie, compliments of Miss Pat, the cookie lady.

Today, I walked the dog a few times, then Helene and I went to lunch and the movies. When I got home, I strapped on my gym shoes and grabbed my umbrella for an evening walk. Long day, good week.

Now, time to post my blog, put up my feet and sip on my traditional Friday Black Russian. CHEERS, my friends.

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