Friday:) A Few Artist Friends and Some Firemen

8 Jun

“All I ask is of life is that I can sing and dance and share my art and writing and baking and cooking and joy with the world. That’s a lot of ands. And, that’s OK.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Wow! A crazy busy day. The first Friday of the month is a pretty busy one. I got up and fed and walked the dog. Ran to the store.(Actually I drove, but you know what I mean.) I needed some food for the feast at Towne Creek, where I volunteer teaching art. I was bringing hot dogs, salad, chips, peach pie, snickers ice cream with a side of cool whip, and a pineapple ginger ale punch.

I was roaming the aisles when I bumped into several of my firemen friends from station 9. When I rounded the corner, I raised up both arms and said, “Station 9!” I heard a resounding rely, “Miss Toni!” I checked out their cart to see what they were making for dinner. I told them that next time I make a big batch of pasta, I’m going to bring some over.

When I got home from the store, I took the dog out again, then went for my walk, trying to squeeze in some walking time before Towne Creek at 2. I got in about 2 miles. Mr. Mike got home early, so I returned Bella (the dog), packed up my car with all the food and art supplies and scooted over to Towne Creek Senior Apartments.

I just grabbed a lot of stuff and I always just wing it as to what project we’re going g to work on. We always have fun.

Helene has been coming with me to help, and today, she really put in a full day with gluing, cutting, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up.

I decided after art group to go over to the country dance at 7pm at the senior center. I was already exhausted and my feet were killing me from standing all day and running around since 9am. But, I love music and I love to dance. So, off I went. Oh, let me see on my phone how many steps I took today. (And that’s just when my phone was in my pocket.) yikes! 16,658 steps or 7.4 miles.

Yep! A busy day, but a good one. Now, for my Friday night Black Russian. Let me go fix it now. Yep, now to put my feet up and enjoy the rest of my evening. Cheers!!! Happy Friday my friends.

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