Tuesday:) Two Coins, and Too Hot In Texas

17 Jul

“Sometimes it is good to fly close to the flame, see and experience the heat, but then fly away again, to survive, more wise in the art of heat.”

― Robert Black


I believe in lucky pennies and coins that are signs from heaven. When I find them, I feel blessed. I found two coins today, a penny and a nickel. Even if you don’t believe these are signs of luck, just think, I’m 6 cents richer than I was before. Pretty cool!

It got pretty hot today, but I pretty much stayed in the air conditioning, except for venturing out a few times. I went to the McKinney’s Newcomers meeting this morning. Quite a few of my friends are members, so I thought I’d check it out. The guest speaker was Mrs. Bozema Cloutier. She shared her childhood experiences of her family fleeing her homeland in Poland during World War II when she was only six years old. Her memories were vivid, painful, sad, joyous, and uplifting, all rolled up together.

For some reason, when the weather is really hot outside, everywhere I go, the air conditioning is cranked up so high that I’m always freezing. I shouldn’t have to wear a sweater when it’s 100 degrees out, but I do.

After the meeting, I had lunch with my birthday sister, Bonita. We have the same birthday in January and this is the first time we’ve been able to have lunch together to celebrate, 7 months late, but better late then never. We went to Italian Garden on Custer. It was freezing in there, but the food was good, and the company even better.

I came home, prepared two large containers of chocolate dipped strawberries, and took a little nap. I had to rest up before going out to dinner. Miles to go before I rest. Helene invited a few ladies over for dinner to celebrate her new apartment. We have the nicest girlfriends.

Driving home after a lovely dinner, sharing stories, and laughing, the moon was just glorious up there in the evening sky.

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

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