Friday:) Friends, Furry and Otherwise…and My Firemen, Of Course

20 Jul

“Give of yourself to others and others will give of themselves to you.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo


My morning started out by walking through the park and picking up my little furry friend, Bella. I keep Bella with me when Mr. Mike has to travel on business. She has become part of my family, and we do a lot of walking together. Unfortunately, it’s been really hot here, so I only take her for short walks. Then, I go out and walk a few more blocks alone. I put in 2.5 miles this morning before it got too hot.

Then, a quick shower and meet the TOTS, the Table Of Talented Sisters, for lunch at Petra’s Mexican Bistro. I hadn’t been to this new location because it was a sad reminder of where “WE” (the EX and I) used to go together about once a week. It’s been six years, and I’m getting better at doing things and going places that remind me of what “WE” used to do. Now, I’m happy to start new traditions with my amazing long time friends. Good food, good friends.

I had a dull headache all day, so I decided to lie down a while. But, a few minutes later, Mr. Mike called from D.C. to ask me a favor. His tailor had called him and said she accidentally gave him the wrong suit that she had tailored for him, and the other man needed his suit for a wedding tomorrow. He was in D.C. and she was in a panic. Her voice trembling and desperate on the phone. So, he asked if I’d go into his house, get the suit and take it over to the tailor. I said, of course. The sweet lady gave me a big hug when I returned the suit and took the correct one for Mr. Mike. (My good deed for the day.)

Since I was just a couple of minutes away from St. Gabriel, I thought maybe that was a sign to stop in for Adoration and say the rosary. I did that yesterday, but I figured twice is even better. Couldn’t hurt.

To finalize my good deeds for the day, (hey, good deed Friday) I stopped at Fire Station 9 to drop off some cookies. Miss Pat gave me the left over cookies from karaoke yesterday to take to my firemen. I picked up the outside phone, and someone answered, “Station 9, how can I help you?” I said, “It’s Miss Toni with some cookies.” The connection was staticky, and he said, “Sorry, who is this?” I said, “Miss Toni.” Then, the reply was, “Oh, Miss Toni! I’ll be right there.” I guess the phones were acting up.

He said that they’ve had a very hot and busy day, and I suggested some cookies and milk would make for a nice break.

This was Tuesday. Chocolate dipped strawberries. We have the nicest firemen , and look how skinny they are. I’m doing my best to fatten them up.

Happy Friday, my friends.

2 Responses to “Friday:) Friends, Furry and Otherwise…and My Firemen, Of Course”

  1. ccbarr July 20, 2019 at 2:31 am #

    We get adoration only 1 hour a week. Small parish. Usually need it by time thursday rolls around

    • toniandrukaitis July 20, 2019 at 2:33 am #

      We are so lucky. We have Thursday and Friday from 9-9. So nice.

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