Wednesday:) Where in the World is Miss Toni Today?

1 Aug

“Our days are numbered, but the possibilities are endless.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I know, it may be after midnight where you are, it it’s only 10:30pm here. Matt took me all over today. We started out at a lovely outdoor cafe for tea and lattes.

Then we walked around a while and went to Dick Blick art supply store. I was going to bring some supplies to do some watercolor paintings, but plum forgot to pack them.

Then, it was time for lunch at his favorite vegan Mexican restaurant. I think I could become a vegan if it wasn’t for my love of real ice cream and cheeseburgers, and chicken strips, and brownies…well, never mind. That wouldn’t work.

After lunch, we came back to his apartment a few minutes before we were off to the Getty Villa to see all the cool historical antiquities and beautiful gardens and architecture.

We had reservations for dinner in Malibu, and we had a couple of hours to spend, so we went to the Malibu Pier. It was a beautiful sunny day, but a very cool refreshing breeze.

Off to dinner at Jeffries overlooking the ocean. Wow! Beautiful.

We had a wonderful meal and drank a bottle of wine and had great conversation. I’m the luckiest mom ever. My son’s do spoil me.

My old joke with Matt about when he was born is I told him, “I was in labor 48 minutes with you! He replied, “That’s not a long time, is it? And I said, “That’s all I got. You were an easy baby.” He still is my easy baby. Love you Matt.

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